winners versus losers von Christina Ciupkewinners versus losers von Christina Ciupkewinners versus losers von Christina Ciupkewinners versus losers von Christina Ciupke

© Martin Sookael

winners versus losers

Christina Ciupke und Mart Kangro

During our exchange and engagement in the topic of Winners and Losers we had been interested in the common struggle between emotion and brain. There is a constant adjustment going on between your desire and your reason, you are longing for pleasure and restriction at the same time. Psychological contradictions seem to dominate your decisions and ideas. The affectionate part of your personality is hunting for harmony,your mind is constantly alert and looking for irresistible challenge. Generosity feeds enthusiasm, temptation provokes your need for constraint, dependency makes your addictions hard to digest. Strategy and confidence are necessary to keep your obsessions in balance. Your appetite ignores commitment, responsibility and consequences. Peace and silence of your inner landscape are luxury. You should not take yourself too serious. Practice makes perfect. Eventually the winner takes it all.

Choreography and Performance: Christina Ciupke, Mart Kangro
Lightdesign, technical realisation: Kalle Tikas

Production: Christina Ciupke
Coproduction: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Goethe Institute Tallinn

In the frame of Dance Residency Project (DPR) - european network of Centre National de la Danse (France), Centrul National al Dansului (Romania), Tanzquartier Wien (Austria), BadCO/CDU (Croatia), DAAD (Germany), Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Estonia).


05 March 2008 Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn