Solo for Reptile

In: Neues Deutschland, 02.02.2010

Volkmar Draeger

(…) »From the other side«, presented at Sophiensaele, is conceptualised by Christina Ciupke and Lucy Cash. The 75min solo follows a consequent path, allowing the audience the freedom for their own associations.
The stage is empty, except for a front of white curtains hanging on the right side. They are being moved into random repetitive waves by a van. Christina Ciupke is standing in the middle of the space, vulnerable in panties and bodice, barefoot and on one leg. She seems to be steered by the wind, whilst observing the groping of her standing foot against the floor, bending at times to keep her balance and finally transferring her weight to the other leg. Her movements are volatile just like the waving fabrics, except one long, slow arabesque turn.
Sound steps in. It imposes itself with increasingly noisy weight onto Ciupke and the dance shifts to move more dynamically into the space. Video images blend in. (…)
The saturation of noise and images push the dancer out of space like a storm. She is leaning against the wall in the silence that follows. As the video sets in again, she turns into a living particle of the movies. In catlike leaps she paces throughout the square stage, entering in a dialogue with the projected language. Text assigns »Keep on going«. It explains or comments »She looks what is coming«, it begs »Trust me«, and it asks »A better way of life?« (…) Then the Carpenters sing »Can’t smile without you« and the dancer smiles too, grinning over her whole face in protest of so much sentiment. She revisits the arabesque, continuing until noise sets in, shattering the song. (…)
One can rarely witness Christina Ciupke that relaxed and at the same time expressing so much profound humour. Even though some mysteries remain unsolved, it was one pleasant evening.