souvenir von Christina Ciupke

 © Lars Ramberg


Christina Ciupke, Kerstin Follenius, Martin Schüttler

The piece is based on the interaction of dance/movement and acoustics/sound. It is a search for common forms, their terms and possibilities.

Within a fragmentary window of light, expectation and supplementation form the increasingly complex layers of an image. The present seems to split itself into single acoustic and visual moments. The flow of time begins to falter, comes to a halt. This opens up the dimension of the act of forgetting as an elemental component of the perception of the present. The heard and the seen are only assembled into a complete image in one’s memory.

Through the repetition of this fragmentary present, a subtle shift takes place: the length of the piece becomes an emptiness that transfers the visual attitude into a visual act. It establishes a space, whose perspective guidelines are the transitions, within which conditions become cycles. All beginnings are re-beginnings. And purely through the re-beginning of the already experienced, the differences and small changes shove their way into the events. The now and the before flow into each other, repel each other away. Memory floods the present.

This becomes legible in sequences of repetitive movement, whose temporal structure increasingly concentrates perception on the non-visible. (Kerstin Follenius)

Choreography / Dance Christina Ciupke
Acoustics/ Composition Martin Schüttler
Dramaturgy / Lighting Kerstin Follenius

Co-produced by TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Grand Theatre Groningen, Association Ballet Preljocaj, Aix-en-Provence, funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste Bonn e.V.


Premiere 2004