© Dieter Hartwig


Christina Ciupke, Anke Strauß, Igor Dobričić, Ditteke Waidelich

(Un)Folding engages with transformations which evolve in the process of folding. Folding gives shape to an (undefined) surface. It requires time for preparation and execution. In a fold, time and space are entangled. In (Un)folding spatial and performative elements grow into one another and transform the space over the course of the performance. This interplay of folding as physical exercise and the utopian desire to imagine unknown territories produces a landscape. Emerging and disappearing again, guests and visitors populate this landscape in the consecutive days for the sympòsion Working Utopias.

By Christina Ciupke and Anke Strauß in collaboration with Gretchen Blegen (Light), Igor Dobričić (Dramaturgy), Barbara Greiner (Production Management/ PR), Lilly Schofield (Press), Ditteke Waidelich (Space and Costume)

A production of A lot of body GbR in coproduction with Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by the Berlin Senat Department of Culture and Europe in the frame of apap – Performing Europe 2016-2020, co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the EU.


Premiere: 25 October 2019, Tanzfabrik Berlin
Further dates: 27 October 2019