riss um riss  von Christina Ciupkeriss um riss  von Christina Ciupke

 © Gisela Dilchert


Dance and Photography
Christina Ciupke, Gisela Dilchert
in collaboration with Kerstin Follenius

When do illusion and perception blur together in the space behind the eyes?
When does seeing follow habit?
When does vision succumb to the undertow of desire?

The project rissumriss works with the expansion and completion of visual perception in the moment of seeing. Seeing is faster than the duration of an event and filled with the pitfalls of expection. When perception and expection are separated, one becomes irritated and experiences a shift in the subjective choice of the eye. The unexpected provokes and completes the expected. In the mind of the observer, real and unreal mix in the unfocused realm of observation, perception and reflection.

Sensitization to space and change in perception itself is the focal point of Gisela Dilchert's and Christina Ciupke's work together. The body concentrates and expands the perception of space with presence, linear speed and time dynamic. The photographs reveal the space on a thematic level and open a dialogue between the polarities of abstraction and individuality.

Concept: Christina Ciupke, Gisela Dilchert in collaboration with Kerstin Follenius
Choreography, Dance: Christina Ciupke
Photography: Gisela Dilchert
asistant of director and Technical support: Kerstin Follenius
Artistic advice: Petra Roggel
Administration: Heike Albrecht and Petra Roggel

Production: Investitionsbank Berlin, Soziale Künstlerförderung im Auftrag des Landes Berlin, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. aus Mitteln des Bundes and Theater am Halleschen Ufer


Premiere 2001