yes. no. a bit. not really. von Christina Ciupkeyes. no. a bit. not really. von Christina Ciupke

© Lucy Cash

Yes. No. A bit. Not really

Christina Ciupke with Boris Hauf and Lucy Cash.

In my mind and on my mind are two different things. You are on my mind, but in my mind there is.... the sun on my back, the sound of the traffic, the balance in my bank, the feel of your ambivalence, a sudden tension at the base of my skull, my unpredictable impulses, the uncomfortable feel of somebody's breath sitting behind me, the smell of the day before, the reflection of light on the ground in front of me, the small, white flower whose name I have forgotten... it's a constant dialogue .... while talking to myself, my senses are doubly alert, waiting to catch what comes next with a logic that is hidden from me... somebody is coming closer, I am watching carefully, she is still walking in my direction, the sun is blinding my sight, other people are passing, I lost her - she was bleached out - like a too bright spot in a photograph. I ask myself has the day invaded the night or the night invaded the day?

A production by Christina Ciupke
Funded by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department
Supported by Goethe Institut

14 October 2010
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15 - 17 October 2010
Sophiensaele Berlin