Michaela Schlagenwerth, Berliner Zeitung, 11 March 2016

What sounds, sounds

Christina Ciupke and Boris Hauf with “life and death of a melody” in Uferstudios

Here and there a small sound squeaked through the room, now and then a little light appeared - a small hut standing in the middle of the large hall gained in contour - little by little the nerves adjusted . To somehow a mere existence in space. To a alert and yet completely relaxed, playful, allowing everything to happen curiosity. "what moves, moves" was the piece that Ciupke had developed together with the composer Boris Hauf. And that's exactly how it was. There was something moving. Apparently not much. But this only applies to the concrete level of action. The work of Christina Ciupke is about something different, something delicate. If you find an access it is wonderful. Otherwise quite demanding.
Christina Ciupke has been working as a choreographer and performer in Berlin for more than seventeen years. She has found her subjects and developed her pieces for many years with often the same collaborators. With Nik Haffner, for example, with whom she has worked a lot on the rules of communication. Or as now again with Boris Hauf. The way Ciupke researches, always moving in other directions, re-engaging with new questions on former topics, she has become clearer, simpler and more sovereign over the years.

Christina Ciupke can be concrete, direct and humorous. In a way, that speaks to you and works well. But these are only small excursions into the tangible, from which Ciupke pushes herself away to examine the processes beyond the obvious. Ciupke and Hauf understand to compress and lengthen time, while opening up a very different way of bringing together spectators and performers.