bildbewegung  von Christina Ciupke

 © Gisela Dilchert


Dance and Photography
Christina Ciupke, Gisela Dilchert

The body in flow takes the path from the image / plane into the temporal body/space. Two visual themes confront each other in the search for their common ground: the rhythmic space of the image and the intersection of body and image. By dissolving slides, projections are set into motion. Besides showing landscapes of the body, they describe the pulse of a movement in images. The body's own rhythm rewrites itself as a moving image.

By means of picture and motion a short moment of dedication will be examined, through consciousness which slowly moves from the middle towards the edge. Followed by the gravity of the body visibility will be hardly recognized temporarily. The recurrent change of physical tension, relaxation and intensive contraction includes indecision and inner contradiction to let go or to refuse. Between dedication and control coping with gravity and dynamic, thermic energy arises, followed by sensation which affects the body's movement resulting in sensibility

Concept: Christina Ciupke und Gisela Dilchert
Choreography/ Dance: Christina Ciupke
Photography: Gisela Dilchert
Dramaturgy: Kerstin Follenius
Costume Design: Katharina Montag
Visual Composition: Kerstin Follenius
Artistic advise: Monique Rival
Light: Andreas Harder
Production Management: Holger Hartung
Constructions: Stefan Brunner

A production by Christina Ciupke, Gisela Dilchert
With the support of Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin and Theater am Halleschen Ufer


Premiere 2002