Collaborations Christina Ciupke
Collaborations Christina Ciupke

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Collaborations Christina Ciupke


Anke Strauß | Researcher
Collaborations: Working Utopias/ Volkswagen Stiftung
Anke Strauss is a researcher at the European University Viadrina. My interest lies in the relationship between art and business.

Anna Till | Dancer, Choreographer
Collaboration: undo, redo and repeat
Anna Till lives and works as a choreographer in Dresden. She studied contemporary dance, context, choreography on Interuniversity Center for Dance, Berlin.

Boris Hauf | Musician, Composer
Collaboration: a bit. not really , what moves moves, simple ain’t easy
Boris Hauf is multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer. He composes for large and small ensembles, film, radio, soloists and video artist and works together with different performance artists.

Igor Dobričić | Dramaturge
Collaboration: by invitation, invitation to dance, Edition #1 und #2: to dance
Igor Dobričić studied dramaturgy in Belgrade. Since 2013 he lives in Berlin and works as a dramaturge regularly with numerous choreographers, dance and theater artists. He also teaches concept development at the SNDO in Amsterdam.

Lars Ø Ramberg | visual artist
Collaboration: nochmal
realizes internationally large site specific installations in public space. He realized 2005 in Berlin "Palast des Zweifels" on the former Palast der Republik. 2007  Lars Ø Ramberg was representative artist of Norway in the Venice Biennale with the work "Liberte".

Mart Kangro | Dancer, Choreographer
Collaboration: longer than expected, winners vs. losers
The Estonian choreographer Mart Kangro lives and works in Tallinn. After dancing for several years at the Estonian National Opera, he dedicated himself solely to his own artistic work, in which he often performs himself.  

Mehdi Toutain-Lopez | Light Design
Collaboration: what moves moves, undo, redo and repeat, new work
Mehdi Toutain-Lopez studied lighting design in France. He worked with various choreographers and theater directors in Germany and France. Since 2004 he is an active member of the French theater group Collectif MxM (Cyril Teste).

Nik Haffner | Dancer, Choreographer
Collaboration: Subtitles, dealing with life, kannst du mich umdrehen, wait and see, new work
Until 2000 he was dancing in William Forsythe company Ballet Frankfurt. In 2011-13 he worked together with Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion on their online score „Seven Duets“ as part of the web-publication In 2012 he has been appointed Artistic Director of the HZT Berlin.